Friday, June 15, 2012

Growing up & loving it!

I take suggestions from Hailey now. Like this morning, Heidi was acting up, she wouldn’t let go of me and yet I was running late. I needed a quick shower (like there is such a word as ‘quick shower’ in my vocabulary?) before rushing to take Hailey to school then going off to work. But first, I had to convince Heidi that clinging on to me was not the best thing to do at that time of the morning, when I should be halfway through my short trip to the office.

She insisted and I tried to negotiate with her “Mum, let me sit you down here so that you can watch some cartoon...CARTOOOON YAY!” I shrieked with excitement (like I was the genius behind the invention of cartoon network?)  I was hoping the excitement would be contagious, but she wanted to hear none of it. In fact she shook her head with finality. She always does that when you ask her to do something she’d rather not do. She does not utter a word, just shakes her head. End of story. “Heidi, eat your porridge” She shakes her head. “Have some food”, shakes her head. “Go to bed” The head.  How does an 18month old kid answer back to HER MOTHER like that!? Today's kids! Sigh…

Hailey looked on as I tried to get Heidi to let go of me. She was seated at her favorite spot watching “Bananas in Pajamas” (tssk! The things that float a kid’s boat, I tell ya!) Good thing is she was fully dressed ready for school, as she waited for her cup of tea and for her mother to take a shower!  Yet here I was still in MY pajamas negotiating with Heidi. O boy!

Seeing my predicament and knowing that I wasn’t anywhere close to converting Heidi’s shaking head to a nod anytime soon, she quipped “Mom, give her your phone” I looked at her and asked “What?” She repeated “Give her your phone” Ooookay! Anything to make her let go of me! I gave my phone to Heidi and voila, I was free!

Now if you don’t know already, Heidi damaged my last phone as documented in this blog post eons ago (Eons? Like I am a veteran at this blogging ish?) She was still a drooler then and was still moving about on all fours (aaaaw haven’t we come from far, you and I?) You know she walks now, right? Due to that piece of history, I was not so comfortable leaving my phone with her. I turned my attention to the culprit, whoever came up with this insane suggestion. Hailey. I instructed the genius full of creative ideas that it was up to her to take care of my phone. I want no tea, no porridge, breadcrumbs, absolutely no DROOL or slimy stuff getting within a radius of my phone. Understood? She smiled at my attempt at seriousness then nodded her head.  Why, it wasn’t so hard to get a nod from one of my kids after all!

While I showered my first born daughter took care of my phone and her sister. The house help was there with them but still…

My phone survived Heidi at the breakfast table. WHOA!  That was a miracle. One I am not assured will happen again and so I will continue keeping Heidi and the phone away from each other until she can get ready for school before me, sit quietly at the edge of the sofa, watch cartoon and laugh uncontrollably as she waits for her cup of tea, and offers unsolicited advice while at it.

My sweet sweet babies, look how far we’ve come!

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